Whether you want to create arousal in a relationship or want someone you admire to be drawn to you, aromatherapy is a great tool to enhance romance.  Beyond just aroma, essential oils can have a profound effect on the emotional center of the brain whether they enter the bloodstream through the skin or inhaled.  Keep in mind that your sense of smell is linked to your brain in a more direct way than any of your other senses.  This, in turn, commonly elicits emotions and is associated with memory in a uniquely profound way.  With Valentine’s day just around the corner,  I have put together a list of my favorite oils to add a romantic spark to your life.  

1. Ylang ylang

A flowery, sweet and erotic scent makes ylang ylang one of my favorite oils.  When blended with patchouli it creates a blend that men and women can’t resist.  

ylang ylang

2. Patchouli

A grounding oil with a deep, earthy, and arousing smell is a great scent for both men and women.  In several of my classes (without knowing the names of the oils) many of my women students marked Patchouli high on their list as an arousing scent. Once revealed the name, most were surprised they picked patchouli!


3. Rose

Not only a sensual and romantic scent, rose essential oil is known as a relaxant making it great to set the mood.  

rose essential oil

4. Sandalwood

Typically due to its woodsy aroma, sandalwood is an attractive scent for men.  I love to use sandalwood as a base for a massage oil or perfume blend.

sandalwood essential oil

5. Cinnamon

A warming oil that supports circulation and libido.  Keep in mind that this is a hot oil and needs to be diluted more than the other oils (1 drop per 2 cups carrier oil).

cinnamon essential oil

6. Rose Geranium

Affects emotional balance and hormonal systems making it great as an everyday pick me up.

rose geranium essential oil

7. Jasmine

A great oil to explore intimacy.  I like to add this to a massage oil or perfume.

jasmine essential oil

8. Neroli

A delicate scent with a hit of citrus, this oil is great to enhance sensuality.  The princess of Nerola, Italy made this oil famous by using it in the bath and on her clothing. It can definitely make us females feel like a princess when wearing it.

neroli essential oil

9. Clary Sage

A hormone balancing oil that brings clarity and helps relieve nervous tension.  One of my favorite oils to diffuse.  

clary sage essential oil

10. Vetiver

A long growing grass with the fragrance in the roots is given the name “the fragrance of the soil”. This grounding and sensual oil is a favorite of both men and women.

vetiver essential oil


Tip: most essential oils should be diluted so they do not cause skin irritations. Do not apply essential oils to the genital area.


Essential oil dilutions:

  • 10-12 drops per oz of carrier oil for a massage or body oil
  • 4-8 drops in bath water. I prefer to mix with a bit of oil or bath salt before putting in the bath so the oils are dispersed.
  • 30 drops per 10ml for perfume 
27 Sep 2021
I make my own sents all the time and I always get very positive reactions and comments from both men and women. So I was about to start a new sent and it occurred to me to check out which essential oils were aphrodisiac. I new about Ylang Ylang and had heard that grapefruit was male attracting. I wanted to see what other oils might be working in my favor... Turns out I use almost every one on the list! Well... I guess that explains it. Tee Hee
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