DIY Damiana Love Cordial

When Spanish missionaries arrived in present day Mexico, they found the natives drinking teas made from a plant we call Damiana.  In fact, it dates back even further since records show this herb being used by both the Mayans and Aztecs.  

Not only is Damiana (Tunera diffusa) a great medicine for stress, this herb comes in at second place behind chocolate, as an aphrodisiac due to its stimulating and warming effect.

This small shrub has aromatic leaves with yellow flowers and is found on dry, sunny, rocky hillsides in south Texas, Southern California, Mexico, and Central America

Damiana can be made into a tea, a tincture, can be smoked or is a great base for cordials or elixirs. We love playing with different recipes and here is one of our favorites:

Homsted’s Damiana Love Cordial

1 cup dried damiana leaves 

1 teaspoon cinnamon chips

1 teaspoon licorice root

2 teaspoons powdered maca root

2 ½ cups brandy

1 water

1 cup honey

1/4 cup rose water

Vanilla extract

damiana recipe

  1. Soak damiana leaves, cinnamon and licorice root in alcohol for 5 days.  Strain; reserve liquid in a bottle.  
  2. Over low heat, gently warm the water and dissolve the honey in it.  
  3. Remove from heat then add alcohol extract and rose water and stir well.  
  4. Pour into a clean bottle and add a splash of vanilla. Let it mellow for several weeks as it gets smoother with age!

Alternative: if you don’t feel like blending these herbs then use 1 cup and 2 teaspoons of this passion tea or this love tea as a base for the cordial.  

Tip: if you want to make it sweeter add a dash of chocolate syrup to each cup.

love cordial

We hope you enjoy this love cordial as much as we do!

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