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  • Living in the modern world is hard work on your adrenal system. Adrenal fatigue is a common problem when persons undergo prolonged periods of stimulation, stress or anxiety. Overuse of caffeinated products can also exacerbate adrenal fatigue issues. This adaptogenic-based formula restores healthy function of the adrenal system to help hormonal balance.

    -not to be used during pregnancy
    -Not for use in persons with hypertension, liver disorders, edema, severe kidney insufficiency, low blood potassium, heart disease with edema, or congestive heart failure.
    -Not for prolonged use or in high doses except under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner

    Acute: Take 30-60 drops, 3-4 times daily.
    Daily: Take 20-40 drops , 2-3 times daily.


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24 Apr 2021
Tricia Bergmann
Love this tincture! It has helped me level out in everything.

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